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Preparing a Funeral Liturgy

To assist in the preparation of your own funeral liturgy or that of someone else, a helpful template is provided here. Click on the link below and print and complete the form, “My Faith Testament – Order of Christian Funerals.” This form includes options for a FUNERAL MASS – with the body present or a FUNERAL LITURGY in the Church – without Mass.

Also listed below is Appendix I and II – a list of appropriate scripture and hymn suggestions thatmight be used for a funeral liturgy. Follow instructions in the NOTE at the top of the page and discuss your preferences with your family. This may help to ensure that your wishes for your funeral liturgy are fulfilled.

My Faith Testament – Order of Christian

APPENDIX I Scripture selections for Order of Christian Funerals

APPENDIX II Suggested Hymns for Christian Funeral Liturgy – Diocesan Music Committee

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