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Cemetery Arrangements

The death of a loved one is an overwhelming emotional and psychological time. MakingFamily Estate (Heavenly Rest) decisions during this stressful period can be very difficult. We therefore recommend you consider pre-planning your cemetery arrangements. The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of London provides assistance and guidance to people who are pre-planning their cemetery arrangements.

We strongly encourage pre-planning because:

  • You and your family decide exactly what kind of cemetery arrangements you want. To pre-plan is an act of kindness to those we love.
  • Your pre-payment of the option you choose provides assurance that your wishes will be met.
  • Pre-planning will greatly relieve your family of the emotional burden of making stressful decisions at the time of death.
  • Pre-planning will relieve your family of the financial burden associated with making arrangements when a death occurs. Pre-planning is a vital part of estate planning. It allows you to make informed decisions concerning your cemetery arrangements and memorialization options.
  • It allows a family to work within a budget that they can afford and locks in the purchase at today’s prices.
  • Pre-planning contracts can take advantage of extended interest-free monthly payment plans.
  • Pre-planning secures a final resting place in the consecrated grounds of a Catholic Cemetery. Since so many people pre-plan these days, the specific location you have in mind may not be available if not purchased now.

If you are interested in learning more about pre-planning now, we suggest the following:

  • A visit with our specially-trained staff. Valuable information will be shared for your consideration. This is best done by appointment but walk in visits to any one of our offices are always welcome. Family Service Advisors are understanding and respectful of cultural and traditional needs. This initial discussion can be at any one of our offices or can be arranged to be in your own home.
  • As options are considered we encourage you to tour our cemeteries to see the actual site you are considering.
  • The final choice will be documented in a contract that will detail the description of the items purchased, the number of interments allowed, locked in prices and payment options chosen.
  • A “Family Fact File” is also available free of charge that allows for the recording of such things as the location of important documents, personal information, financial information, people to notify and funeral, cemetery and memorial instructions.

Here are some preliminary topics our Family Service Advisor will discuss with you when you meet:

  • What cemetery are you most interested in?
  • Will your service be a full casket burial, cremation burial or inurnment or entombment? Our Family Service Advisor will discuss the meaning of each option mentioned above and specifics of service choices available for each.
  • How many graves, crypts or niches would you be interested in purchasing?

Pre-planning today gives you and your family the ability to carefully consider the options and make an informed decision.