Serving the needs of the faithful in Southwestern Ontario

Family Service Advisors

Contact us for Preplanning or Immediate Needs seven days a week.

Immediate Needs
If there has been a death in the family and you have not made final burial arrangements or your preplanning is incomplete, you must contact one of our Family Service Advisors. First and foremost, they’re here to help, and to guide you through the many details you will need to take care of within a short period of time. St. Peter’s advisors are among the most experienced in the region and you can be assured of their utmost integrity.

If you need assistance in traveling to our office or you would like us to visit you at your residence please let us know and we will coordinate our meetings to suit your convenience.

Preplanning with St. Peter’s Cemetery
A growing number of individuals and families are taking advantage of preplanning their burial or cremation to avoid costly last minute decisions. Our Family Service Advisors are among the most experienced in the region and everyday they assist people from all walks of life and all faiths with the many choices for their final resting place and memorialization at one of our St. Peter’s Family of Catholic Cemeteries.


Ursula Gabriel Silvana Palombo Wilma Palombo
Ursula Gabriel
Office: 519-451-9120
Silvana Palombo
Office: 519-451-9120
Cell: 519-871-3804
Wilma Palombo
Office: 519-451-9120
Cell: 519-871-8922