Serving the needs of the faithful in Southwestern Ontario

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Dave Savel

Dave Savel
Episcopal Director of Administrative Services


Our cemeteries are a peaceful and holy place, consecrated as the final resting place of our loved ones. We hope you will take the time to visit our cemeteries and offer prayers, including prayers for those that have gone before us.

The Diocese of London has been operating cemeteries since our inception, more than 150 years ago. We have 76 cemeteries, 10 of which are located in Windsor-Essex, London and Sarnia, and are operated directly by the Diocese and 66 of which are operated by our 116 parishes. Our parish cemeteries are located throughout Southwestern Ontario. We have cemetery offices at Heavenly Rest Cemetery in Windsor, St. Peter’s Cemetery in London and Resurrection Cemetery in Sarnia.

On this website you will be able to find helpful information on our locations, events (including special Masses), common questions, what to do

when a death occurs, assistance with preplanning, products and services, links and prayers.

I’d encourage you to preplan your final arrangements and notify your family members so they’re aware of the details. If you are a member of a particular parish, speak to the parish priest about your preferences for the final liturgy. Put all of this in writing and give copies to your family members. If you are not a member at a parish but would like a service we would be pleased to assist you. Please contact one of the cemetery offices noted above for a free copy of our Family Fact File to assist you with this process or with any other questions you may have.